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  1. Pierre Lambert à arcadius : là vous approchez la vapeurophobie et donc les tribunaux.Peut-être d’ailleurs que ça passerait mieux en écolo-bobo-langue Je n’aurai garde* de faire suer le Roger Gicquel qui sommeille en vous mais il me semble que vapeurophobie passerait mieux en éconolangue : vaphobie* à chacun ses phobies ; Krystoffer Nyrop, grand linguiste et philologue danois, dans sa Grammaire historique de la langue française, qualifiait drôlement de « fossile » le ne explétif de n’avoir garde…

  2. 1d6Hormis les pots de peinture qu’elle a du vider pour ses yeux, j’aime bien le charisme et de la voix de la petite Taylor ! Elle me fait déjà une meilleure impression que sa comparse Jessica…Par contre dans la série je peux pas la saquer héhéMerci pour cette formidable vidéo La bise!Midori.127

  3. Dec26 I totally did mention Metroid, but I didn’t mention the other ones because they were not Capcom releases. I don’t mind HD re-hashes; The HD Earthworm Jim remake from earlier this year was effing amazing, and if Capcom granted the MMX franchise a similar treatment (as it has done with a number of its other franchises) then I think we would all appreciate it a whole lot more than.

  4. I started out in the late 80′s learning compositing in the darkroom from a photographer, William Warren. He did composites using duplicating film and an enlarger with pin registration along with lots of litho-film masks etc.So the answer to the question is yes, buy why would you? It’s like asking “can you cook your food over an open fire you started by rubbing two sticks together?” Sure, but what’s the point?If it’s about image integrity then don’t forget that images were manipulated in the ‘old days’ too. Now at least we expect they’ve been manipulated.

  5. Hello darling, I will start this comment by telling you how much I have missed you these past few weeks. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and prayers. I am one lucky girl to have you as a friend; you truly are the gem in my teacup. I am now off to stroll around your blog to see what I have missed. I truly missed you luvLove & HugsDuchess

  6. Thanks, Maggie! I find that the more I focus on losing weight, the more weight I gain. Last year I had a health issue and focused on getting better and being smarter with exercise and also lost weight “without trying”. Now, I try to maintain by eating as many whole/real foods as possible and try also to remember to be grateful for my health and all of the cool things my body can do – like run fast, bike, even paddle board (which I tried today!)

  7. In the past I’ve simply tied the cards with a nice ribbon and bow. I am contemplating using Lauren Meader’s templates in the future – her projects like yours, are very professional and eye catching.

  8. Pretty simple, please explain why the Rays haven’t put a kibosh to Gammons or a press release distancing themselves from this? Rosenthal with the contraction comment and Gammons to me show the Rays are working with Rosenthal and Gammons!!!! This is bizarre, I apologize but this could be the case…Please respond to me Cork

  9. The adventures you tell about New Zealand is fascinating not because of the terrain and variety of challenges but because of the people you discuss and traveled with along the way–and how you imparted that sense of adventure to your children. It is a rare life led,

  10. Kajman gdzie Ty widziales te stoly??? sama ostatnio przegladam, i tak naprawde rece i nogi mialy tylko te okolo 600 zeta.Z rozpraszajacym kompem po czesci sie zgodze, ale przeciez na nim sie pracuje….:PNo i Marcinie gratuluje strylnego klimatu:D:D:D

  11. Former Gordon is wrong about the Mexican colonists wanting to be Americans. If anyone thinks Mexicans are just wannabe Americans, please, please come to California on vacation. Pay attention to the way young mestizo men glare at you if you’re white. Read the comments section of SFGate.com. Mexican colonists openly say they’re waiting for gringos to die so they can take over. Gordon, I’ll bet my lunch money you’re an employee of the government. People in the private sector aren’t such brazen liars.

  12. … My answer, nationalism. Not Blut und Boden, but nationalism in its good side (Greatest Generation did not fight to save the Whales or for a Target Ad).What's wrong with "Blood and Soil" nationalism? What other kind is there, really? If patriotism is not loyalty to one's people and land, then it is merely fealty to an imperial government – otherwise known as opportunism.

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  14. This set up is Great! Only 1 draw back…. It’s not playing well between browsers. I got it all set up and running and looking Great and then I hit my ‘IE’ rendering button on Chrome and well…you know, the formatting has gone to the dogs. I see it plays well for you in all the browsers. What did you do different? I’d throw you a link but I’m working on a local host.D

  15. Hi RobPlease email – make sure you also supply your contact details, and details of the project and Department you’re doing the work for. Either myself, or one of the other chaps here will take a look and we will do what we can to help out.CheersNathan W

  16. ça sent la rentrée ! une actualité qui s’emballe !!! DSK a encore quelques étapes judiciaires à franchir, sur chaque rive de l’ Atlantique…au moment où les rives de la Méditerranée s’agitent…Cher Martin, bénéficieras-tu de quelques journées paisibles, pour donner un coup de pouce au recueil de dessins d’actualité ? J’espère que tu ne seras pas condamné à planter ta tente devant ta maison d’édition…

  17. Nice redesign! Always scary to change something in such a major way, but I bet that it will open even more doors for you. Change has a way of doing that.I do want to agree with the commenter that requested that the # of comments be listed under the post on the home page – I totally agree. And please add a link to “comment” – that is missing, too. (I had to go looking to find the comment area here, and it should be a piece of cake to comment)Otherwise, well done and congratulations!

  18. Hello experts, I am dyanmically creating a report using iReport, passing the values form the servlet to the designed page, but i want the code for calling that jasper jrxml or jasper file from the sevlet, and modification to the class path, what are the class path i should set, in order to generate the report dynamically form the servlet, and jar files. wating for u help Thanmaya Raghavaiah

  19. Arnedo: Interesante es tu manera de interpretarlo. Gracias por regalarnos un comentario tan valioso.Ana Laura: Vaya… Espero no haberte provocado ninguna pesadilla con esta entrada. Desde luego esa no era la intención. Aún así, gracias por pasar y hacer el esfuerzo de dejar tu comentario :)Abrazos para ambos.

  20. I am still soaking in your words!I think I love Him for the same reasons…because He showed me what love is and never gives up on me. ..Love and hugs to you! thank you for sharing with me.Nikki recently posted..

  21. Liebe BarbaraAlso da hätte ich auch zugeschlagen und mir das eine oder andere in den Einkaufskorb gelegt! Schade, bist du so weit weg! Es freut mich sehr, dass du soviele Besucherinnen hattest und deine schönen Sachen neue Plätzli gefunden haben!Herzlichst Rita

  22. I can believe 10k if someone is buying everything new. A crib, stroller, change table, car seat, etc. would all add up, and some of the things I could understand wanting high quality, like a stroller are really expensive! Some pay for health insurance out of pocket. If you are going to do private cord blood, there’s $2000-$3000. Add in the diapers, babysitters and other ongoing costs and $10,000 doesn’t sound too out there!

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  24. Thank you for this. I needed this right now, as I don’t feel very supported by otherwise intelligent (feminist) women who don’t see porn as a detriment to women. And I do believe porn is linked to rape…it fuels the contempt of women that is already prevalent in our society.It’s as if the disrespecting of another human being is okay…because some women will stand up for porn/stripping because it provides a better income than they would get working in other jobs. I’ve seen comments in other blogs that women are raped while working as farm laborers, so porn/stripping is *better*?!Label me confused. I don’t get it.

  25. I think this needs to be on my beach reads this week. I have a feeling I would really, really like this guy. I take my hunks with an ounce of badass, a cup of hotness, and a pound of sweetness – my favorite – Heath Luck (House of Night)Awesome post, Katy!

  26. what’s extreme is the NRA trying to link animal cruelty as a hunters rights issue. I’m a hunter and I watched the HSUS video showing 12 excited mutts ripping at a bear as it tries to escape for his life up a tree. News Flash- people don’t like it. If the bill doesn’t pass through the legislature it will be a ballot initiative. “sportsmen” do not want to be associated with HOUNDING. Don’t you get that?

  27. The one and only great thing about Obama is that once racist segregated America within 40 odd years after the heyday of racism elected a black man to the presidency and on doing that truly cleansed itself from a morally very dirty period.

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  29. Thanks for writing. The Protocols of Zion books, videos and tracts have been around since the mid-19th century. As for Islam, it presumably encourages respect for women. This isn’t about religion (except that fundamental versions of all religions seems to place restrictions on women); it’s about power. Which is why assumptions about Jews or Muslims or Arabs or yes, even young men, need to be carefully examined. *sigh* not that I expect THAT to happen; we do love our righteous beliefs in the “wrongness” of others.

  30. Querida Ana, gracias por los consejos!!! te cuento que nosotros hacemos una lista de las comidas que queremos realizar durante el mes, con ese dato hacemos la lista.También aprovechamos en comprar en las tiendas mayoristas, cosas como; Papel sanitario, pasta de dientes, jabón de tocador, , etc.Con todo eso nos ahorramos mucho, y si es una familia corta se pueden unir con otra, asi ahorran mucho mas…Abrazos…Ingrid

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  32. That’s a great case. The best thing to do is to do performance testing. In the case that I came across yesterday, there was plenty of capacity on the database (SSDs + RAM + CPUs + Network), and we weren’t really hitting any bottlenecks in the Service tier either for our projected load (the .NET ThreadPool was creating enough threads for the workload and there was enough RAM for stacks). So there was no need to additional optimizations. When we scale closer to the capacity of the system, something will break, and at that point we will fix the slowest part.

  33. I don’t use much in the way of add-ons. The absolute must for me is Speed Dial. It makes accessing your multiple blogs so much faster than using other bookmark tools and they’re there waiting for me the moment I open my browser. Then I just go down the line — click, click, click — and have the morning basics done in a sort of assembly line style in a matter of minutes. Makes the daily admin so much easier.

  34. Hi Nan! Thank you for stopping by. Yes, I very well may be a kindred spirit of your daughter, although I do try to balance profanity with profundity. Your idea about political lobbying for mental health services is a great one. Sadly, many larger social issues stem from untreated mental/ emotional challenges that people endure.That’s a beautiful story about your husband’s 3 aunts! Thank you for sharing — it’s always nice to be reminded of the sweet and simple pleasures of life and family.

  35. wow…are you serious? Not everyone who is getting attention is apat of the allumanti..that is such a bad thing to say. so are you saying if you get attention from school..you’re apart of the alluminati? he is still famous at the end of the day and OTHER christians are going to love hime and buy his cds and go to his concerts. there is nothing wrong with being famous.there is nothing wrong with fame and money. yes some may hate him but people will still love him and his music! leave Kirk alone.

  36. was wrong in saying Spencer had sent a daunting amount of material. See my comments there on combinations of ways the material might have gotten to Wegman's team. It is especially indicative that Spencer sent Wegman a PPT file that one would expect only McI, McK or George Marshall people to have….

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  38. Thank you, Ted. I’m flattered that you’re taking time to read my blog with everything you have going on. Always fun to play around with the theme – that was some of my misbehaving today, playing with wordpress when I should have been doing just about anything else.

  39. My daughter loves anything by Eric Carle. The illustrations really catch her eye. And she loved Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? from when she was a baby…we read it to her so many times, she could "read" it to herself – flipping the pages and saying what color and animal was on each page. I think that's part of why she loves reading so much now.[]

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  41. fuck you youtube you are fucking bunch of 12 year old kids. what the fuck is up with the new layout, we can't even comment without replying to random comments, what's with the "highest rated" shit, crippled blank white layout confusing piece of shit.

  42. Great ideas! I could actually use this technique at work. You’re right-on that the military (AF) isn’t typically one for keeping in-touch with people’s feelings, but this is a good alternative. Even though they pay lip service to “taking care of your people” and being a good “wingman” this is less often put into practice.

  43. is another proof you guys are morons just like what Tamer said…America support who democracy bring not Muslims who are obsessed with Islam, it’s not America’s fault, stop making America responsible for you being a moron. Mina; saying “we have to go through the phase of islamists to pass by Egypt to safety” show really you are a moron and not living in Egypt, which is true because you are most of the time in Sweden or your ghetto in Ma’adi, Muslims who are obsessed with Islam will never pass Egypt to anywhere, they will destroy it and guess what Egyptian? they are popular..

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  46. Dios quiera que no pierda la vista en el otro ojo. Y que nunca le falte de nada. Su temperamento seguramente viene dado por tantas visicitudes que este hombre habrá pasado en la vida. La gente maravillosa, con frecuencia arrastra tras de sí un histórico doloroso, dramático o duro desde el punto de vista humano.

  47. I guess we’re to believe that the folks who want to commit crimes with guns can’t just drive to a bordering state and buy the ammo they want.(Huh?) And they would never dream of stealing any from the law abiding citizena! Clearly, this is just the next incremental step to taking away all of our firearms.

  48. I’m glad it happened somewhere that you were able to see them rather than out in some field where they would have eventually been found dead. You hope animals would learn something but the number of dead deer, raccoons, squirrels, etc. on the road certainly indicate that there is no learned avoidance behavior and unlike the dog hot line on 101 Dalmations, the animal kingdom doesn’t pass on messages to one another.

  49. Realmente é bastante triste, nós Brasileiros nomearmos como herói um Ministro do STF quando o que ele está fazendo não é nada mais que a sua função. É bastante triste, pelo motivo disso não ser uma regra, ou na verdade um dever somente. Definitivamente politica no Brasil é um veneno existencial.

  50. That sounds like a fair calculation, though perhaps a bit too pessimistic. I doubt the Caucasus will correlate to the average. They are conservative Muslims (so Commies won’t do well), and they’re certainly not going to be voting LDPR.I think that United Russia would have dominated there, and the authorities gave them even more of a rise – in Chechnya’s case, egregiously so.

  51. atencion: hay un pavo/pava que se dedica a desprestigiar esta isla y además es tan listo/lista que utiliza varios nombres, como minimo cambia el estilo que se te ve el plumero a la legua !!! Como en todas partes aqui podrás encontrar gente normal, gente maja y alguien que no sea simpatico pero de eso hay en todas partes, ahora, eso si cerrados no, salvo para los impresentables y maleducados

  52. No this isn’t silly “Anonymous” (coward). We’ve gotten mailers that are full of lies, e.g. stating they do not endorse any particular candidate or propositions, then include their three favorite candidate and which props people should vote for and against! Frankly, I just think they’re idiots, I saw through it the first time I got one, and I threw it in the garbage.

  53. I know eh! =) Huancayo feels small to me because I can walk to all the major areas. In fact, I often find myself walking 40 minutes to an hour to get somewhere because it feels near whereas I would never think to do so in Vancouver. =PI totally agree with you on finding the right mix of modern and traditional. Unfortunately, Huancayo is developing really quickly. The first mall that opened in 2009 really changed everything. I hope they’ll be able to hold on to their roots! =)

  54. Onpa hienoja, pidin kaikista mutta erityisesti tuosta kollaasista! Toivottavasti väsäilet sellaisen taas viikonloppuna. :)Ja joka tapauksessa, toivottavasti viikonloppuna ei enää ketuta! Vaikka kettu ja ilves kuuluvat kyllä minunkin suosikkieläimiini (miksi muuten ketuttaa, eikä koskaa ilvestytä, hahah).

  55. Coucou les roses du 47! Juste pour vous dire qu’on est désolée mais on ne pourra pas etre presente à votre soiree samedi meme si on aurait bien voulue.On espère qu on pourra tout de meme se rencontrer avant le départ..Bonne continuation et bonne soiréee pleine de sous! Céline et Emmanuelle, équipage 315.

  56. “For example, the prosecutor may assert that monies received and banked by the affected company since the ‘relevant day’ should be taken to be ‘benefit’ of the convicted individual.” Yes, the prosecutor may assert many things, but is it right to assert that when the underlying activity (running a restaurant) is itself legal?Would it not be fairer to say that the “property” which the defendant obtains is the increased profits obtained by using the illegal labour?Is this not similar in this respect to the case of ?

  57. Looks like I may have referred to the author of this post incorrectly as Simon. My apologies!Any progress on a Trinidad plugin for NetBeans, Wouter? Still on my list to start looking into. Not sure I couldn’t tackle it alone, but worth a try nonetheless…Shawn

  58. Don’t we have a 700 billion dollar trade deficit? We are hemoraging manufacturing jobs at a rate unsurpassed in human history. We are living off of borrowed time and money, mostly becuase of the housing market and financial institutions clustered around NYC. Foreigners are buying US companies. Tell me how this is a path to economic success instead of a slow civilizational death?

  59. re: #175 helen pachec – re: short sales and forclosures. There is a big unknown which is gov’t intervention in the housing crisis.I have been reading lately that under the TARP program the Gov’t will put $500 Billion towards playing the monthy mortgage payment for three years for those heading towards forclosure. All eyes are on DC now, and what the gang of 535 are going to do. The smart money is still on the sidelines.

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  61. I decided not to bid since the tax collector claimed that the property owner was coming in today to pay his bill. I was really surprised that no one else was there. I may have missed a good one, but, like a lot of you here, I tend to suffer from paralysis by analysis. Back to work.

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  65. I have seen lots of anti-global warming videos (either by or supporting leading authorities in this area (even people high up in greenpeace dont support human-caused global warming)) and if you go back millions of years we are actually a lot colder than the earth has been, the temperature tends to go Warm, then Ice Age, than warm then ice age (note these changes happen over many years). Al Gore is just trying to get votes by pretending to care.

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